GRC to Host Short Course Showdown

Greenville, NC

In an effort to revive Short Course racing in the Carolina region, Josh Parrish with Highside Hobbies has put together the 1st Annual “Short Course Showdown” that will be held September 22nd at GRC in Greenville, NC. Both 2wd and 4wd Short Course will be featured at the event. Both classes will be racing for plaques, prizes and of course cash.

Short Course was at one time one of the larger classes in this region. Now the Buggy classes have the spotlight as they are drawing the largest car counts at any given track in Carolina’s. The event payout will be based on the amount of entries per class.

5-9 Entries > 1st – $50, 2nd – $30, 3rd – $15
10-16 entries > 1st – $75, 2nd – $45, 3rd – $25
16-20 entries > 1st – $125, 2nd – $75, 3rd – $40
21+ entries > 1st – $150, 2nd – $90, 3rd – $50

Entry Fee will be $25 for each of these classes

“The trucks are out there, people have just set them aside to focus on the larger classes. Putting money on the line and featuring the Short Course classes should get some of those trucks of the shelves and back on track. I have already talked to numerous drivers that said they are going break out their trucks for this event.” Parrish said.

This event will still have the normal classes that compete at GRC and will have the normal entry fee as well.

Parrish also added, “I have already talked to 2 or 3 companies that will be sending products to to give away to racers in the raffle. Each racer will receive a raffle ticket with their entry”

Any Short Course related questions, please email

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