Stage set for rounds 1 & 2 of RCGP

The series posted the following message via the RCGP website…

The 2019 Schedule for RCGP has been set, and we are pleased to announce that RCGP Rounds 1 & 2 will be held in Manila, Philippines, joining the already established, and world famous Philippine Masters event the first week end of May. The opening race of the season will be held on a brand new layout, streamed live on youtube for the global RC racing audience.

The RCGP Races are 3 day events, with the RCGP class limited to at most 30 drivers, and an open class (RC2) for everyone else. Friday is practice for everyone, Saturday is qualifying for RC2, and one complete race for RCGP. Sunday is finals for RC2, and a second complete race for RCGP.

Each week end will see two separate RCGP races, thus doubling the amount of races in the championship series, making for a more exciting points chase.

Stay tuned for more news about races, teams, and brands supporting RCGP in the coming weeks!

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